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The Power of STEAM

STEAM World offers its programs and sessions to schools for free. It’s not a requirement, but if the school can cover the materials cost, that’s a bonus. We want students to be excited about science no matter their circumstances, and to provide them with every opportunity to pursue careers in STEAM-related fields. That is the driving force behind STEAM World.

STEAM Education Products

We take science out of the textbooks and turn that information into a hands-on learning experience. To do that, we depend upon the STEAM-related educational tools from our main sponsor, Computer Zen. From 3D printers to circuit building and hologram kits, you can provide your students with hands-on discoveries that illuminate their drive to learn more. Every opportunity you provide a child is another opportunity to benefit from a generation of thinkers and makers.

Our CURRENT Projects

Our STEAM projects are geared toward engaging students in hands-on activities. One of the most delightful aspects of this endeavor is witnessing the natural ingenuity of every student as they discover how to use their newfound knowledge to manipulate the world around them. With the necessary tools and STEAM-related educational products, the future of each and every student will know no bounds.

Join STEAM World today to inspire young minds, ignite their curiosity, and to nurture their essential skills for a brighter future in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics!

“Love the creative demonstrations you used to pique their interest!
Especially wiring up the student to open and close a pliers using their

Salmon Idaho Teacher Quote

You are amazing. You make so many positive influences in people’s lives. We were blessed to have met you. Thanks for all your giving.”

Community Member Quote

“That’s amazing! You are truly changing many lives. Imagine if we’d had
that opportunity as a high schooler??? My life would have been so

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Makey Makey

Neuroscience & Prosthetic Limbs


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Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely on the support
of generous donors who are interested in supporting STEAM learning programs
for schools in our communities. If you are interested in investing in better
learning opportunities for the next generation, get in touch with us to
discuss how you can assist students in having access to STEAM programs and
build a better tomorrow. You can donate today, your tax deductible donation
supports students in small rural schools across Idaho & Montana.


Contact us today, to discover more about the education opportunities to expand the STEAM potential of your school. Or how you can assist us in delivering these essential STEAM skills to students.

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