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Past Projects

In partnership with Computer Zen, STEAM World is committed to supplying rural schools in the Northwest with opportunities to incorporate STEAM education into their existing curricula.

Our Mission

STEAM World has a compelling mission: to engage with students and ignite their curiosity about the world. We want to inspire them to ask questions that lead to meaningful discoveries. At its core, STEAM World aims to introduce STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) concepts even as early as the preschool level, because we recognize the myriad advantages such knowledge brings to young minds.

Cause and Effect

Our programs are not only about encouraging students to pursue a STEAM-related degree in college. That would be fantastic in our opinion, but our programs are just as equally focused on teaching our next generation how to apply STEAM concepts to their everyday lives. Even teaching cutting-edge technology concepts to students as young as kindergarten will reap rewards down the road for these young learners—and the world.

We have worked closely with the Darby School District in Montana for a number of years. We have also presented our STEAM projects in Stanley, Leadore, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. Our projects usually include having students build Bristlebots, actual moving gizmos made from pipe cleaners, a small battery, a toothbrush head, and googly eyes. It’s fun to watch the students realize on their own how to manipulate the pipe cleaner leg to make their Bristlebots move in countless ways!

One of our favorite activities for students from Elementary to College level is the “Back-Yard Brain”. We create a lab where the students can capture the signal from their brain when they open and close their hand. The student can see the signal on their computer or tablet and also hear the white noise generated when those nerves fire. The next step in the lab is sending that nerve signal to a computer servo motor and a pair of pliers. The student can now control those pliers using their mind. We then explore what we can do with that signal, from robotics to prosthetics limbs and more. The finale is now sending the nerve signal from the student to the nerves in the instructors arm, allowing the student to control the instructors hand. Every student is riveted when this occurs with hands raised asking questions and open discussions on the nervous system and how this technology can be applied in real life.

Witnessing the “magic” of transmitting brain signals to another person never ceases to spark the imaginations of everyone in the classroom.

Our Past Projects

Delivering Coding classes on the Raspberry Pi to students at the Salmon Idaho Public Library.

Exploring Coding, Electronics and 3D printing at the Darby Montana Public School.

STEAM labs at the Public School in Stanley Idaho.

Building Bristle Bots at the Public School in Leadore Idaho.

Multiple labs at the Challis Idaho School District, Exploring Electronics, 3D Printing, Music, Biology and more.


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As a nonprofit organization, we count on the generosity of donors to support our initiative to provide more accessible STEAM learning opportunities for students in our communities. If you want to support our mission to enrich students in your area, contact us to learn more about how you can become a part of helping students in rural communities have access to STEAM programs.



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