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STEAM is a profound educational philosophy that emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking above all else. This approach encourages students to connect different subjects and to think in innovative ways. To deliver the promise of STEAM education, schools and educators must harness the latest technologies, which are crucial as students become more advanced and begin to tackle skills like animation and 3D rendering, typically associated with higher education. Your donation can make it all happen.

Why Invest in STEAM

STEAM education takes a more holistic approach to learning compared to traditional models fixated on standardized testing. STEAM incorporates science, technology, engineering, arts, and math into an integrated curriculum. This interdisciplinary method allows students to make connections across subjects and to apply academic concepts in real-world situations. STEAM classrooms emphasize creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Learners are encouraged to be innovative, to ask questions, and to solve problems. Rather than memorizing facts to pass exams, students engage in hands-on, project-based learning.

Technology Is Necessary to Gain STEAM Power

Funding is necessary for underrepresented schools to provide their students an effective STEAM program. The integration of appropriate technologies is essential for schools to provide an integrated STEAM education experience. Digital tools must be able to facilitate the creative process and foster the collaborative spirit that is at the core of the STEAM model. Students who are proficient in digital technologies will need laptops with top-notch graphics capabilities to bring their lessons and creative designs to life. For teamwork, they will need to access online file-sharing platforms and cutting-edge creative software suites that enable students to conceptualize designs, develop storyboards, and share ideas seamlessly.

The Need for Funding and Donors


Small rural schools throughout the Northwest United States are faced with significant financial challenges. All tax deductible contributions we receive are dedicated to expanding our free educational programs to benefit rural schools in Idaho and Montana. While various federal and state funding sources and private grants are available to support our STEAM programs, many schools do not actively pursue these opportunities due to a lack of knowledge and expertise. As we continue to grow our program, our intention is to hire dedicated personnel who can actively seek out grants on behalf of these schools. And because STEAM World is a 501c3 nonprofit organization without a consistent source of revenue, we also rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors to enable us to deliver the essential programs and opportunities that are desperately needed by the students in our communities.

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STEAM allows young minds to expand beyond test scores and core subjects. It prepares the next generation for life beyond school by developing transferable skills such as design thinking, research, teamwork, presentation, and more. Ultimately, STEAM education aims to spark curiosity and ignite a passion to learn simply for the sake of learning. This fosters more engaged, motivated students with the tools to succeed in college, their careers, and beyond. Contact us today to discover more about donating to educational innovation or to make your donation.

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